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Inventory Management Software

Analyst Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management Software

  • It is a unique powerful software, which helps in preparing, printing and managing PO/LPO.
  • Option of creating as many Inventory items and service items category and sub category wise.
  • Item Details: Item code, item description, UOM, Make, Manufacturer and Rate.
  • Option of creating, printing and managing material requests (MR) & material enquiries (ME).
  • Option of entering goods receipt note (Delivery Note) against PO. Balance LPO quantity report.
  • Instant supplier invoice verification by ticking un invoiced delivery notes. This is a great feature.
  • PO details: PO No, PO date, Supplier address, Ship to, By, Via, FOB, Terms, Project, Contact Person, Contact number, Item code, Item description, UOM, Qty, Sub total, Discount, total, Tax, Net, Terms and conditions, Prepared by, Verified by, Approved by etc.

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